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Neurafy provides a smart solution that allows users an ongoing communication with your business. It works 24/7 all year round. Get better results and get your customers satisfied.

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Increase the positioning of your brand with our Artificial Intelligence solution.

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Greater efficiency

By using virtual assistants or bots your company will reduce the sales cycle your customers have to go through. The bot also provides permanent support to your customers. Not only you can process a larger amount of requests, but you can also manage them in a more agile and efficient way.

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Improve communication

Smooth and clear communication is essential to reach each client in a better way, creating a unique and personal channel is a smart way to improve the communication. With the bots you can interact with them using a natural language and know their feelings and tastes, build a message that makes an impact on your customers.

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Always available

A multi-channel service that makes easier to hit the market more often and to be present where and when you decide is vital to improve satisfaction. A 24/7 service capable of supporting multiple conversations of different channels. Guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

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Quality service

Customers will never feel alone again, employ an assistant that improves the interaction with the customers and also reduces the workload. This assistant is able to handle incidents in advance to reduce tickets and queries generated by your customers.

Reach more customers

Facebook Messenger has 1 Billion users who will be able to contact the assistant, it carries out assistance or sales processes and increases customer satisfaction. Use the channel that millions of people use every day and bring to your company a greater number of potential customers.
Improve your results, use the bot (chatbot) on your website and let him perform the heaviest tasks, manage orders and sales. Provide direct commercial or technical support anytime from the website using a natural language.
Telegram has 100 million users whom you can contact, this platform is available for both mobile devices and computers, also works on all operating systems so a huge number of users can contact the chatbot in a simple and fast way. Get more done using one of the major messaging platforms.
WordPress is the ultimate platform for creating websites, from simple websites to sophisticated e-commerce sites. Thanks to a plugin, Neurafy links to WordPress allowing you to meet the needs of your customers in a simple way by making navigation easier, selling Products or just providing more information to your customers. Let the assistant handle the clients as the most prepared worker would.
Neurafy can be included in any already developed solution, which means an improvement in management times, in addition you will get a specific channel to attend your clients, the assistant will be in charge of attending them initially reducing the workload of the Customer Support department.
The bots created by Neurafy can be linked to native applications developed in IOS and Android, they can be used by both employees and customers. Chatbots are a smart way to make the most out of applications. New processes that bring better results to the company.
Connect the company's solutions through Neurafy and get more productive and natural processes. Create new ways of linking the solutions you have with the most used systems in the market. Expand the ways you interact with your visitors.

The reBotlution is here

Make your company more efficient, effective and competitive with Neurafy and its bots.

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The Neurafy platform is highly flexible. Linking Neurafy with other platforms for a greater functionality is quick and easy.

Reach more customers using a multi-channel solution.

Discover how Neurafy can change the way you interact with your customers.

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